FPG Completes Shooting ‘211 in Progress'

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - After two days of shooting with three cameras, FPG Entertainment has wrapped in-front-of-the-camera production for a new webisode the company plans to post in late June. Titled 211 in Progress, the finished product is expected to be 40-50 minutes long, according to FPG chief executive officer Marco Guerra.

Although the specific content of the scenes is a closely guarded secret, the story revolves around cops, robbers and a crack addict. Kameron Scott plays the protagonist opposite Stephen Lee's bad guy. Adding flavor to the story, Tara appears in a guest role as the crack addict.

"In 211, the acting, fight scenes and hardcore sex all blend together perfectly thanks to the talents of our cast," Guerra said.

"When I met Lee, I knew he was a martial arts expert and stunt man. At only 21 years old, his performance is simply fantastic: The fights look real, and he pulled off some amazing moves. This is not to mention how hot he is. FPG will work with him again very soon.

"Kameron Scott was a gamble when I cast him," Guerra added. "I did like his look, but we had some doubts about his acting and fighting skills. But these doubts vanished immediately as soon as the camera started rolling. I'm very satisfied with how the shots went, and once again, I believe FPG established a new standard for Web scenes."

Check out shots of the actors from the film at this gallery.