Flava Trailers Available for iPod Video

All of popular Black/Latin company Flava Works' movie trailers are available for iPod Video as of last week, said Flava Production Director Devin Wiley.

According to Wiley, Flava Works is the first Black Gay XXX-producer to release movie trailers for Apple’s new iPod Video.

“We already offer our movie trailers in Windows Media and QuickTime formats," Wiley stated, "so releasing them in the new iPod Video format is only natural as the popular video player catches on. Our websites CocoDorm.com, ThugBoy.com, CocoBoyz.com, and Papicock.com, have used QuickTime movies for several months now that are one hundred percent compatible with the iPod. This means that across our sites there are already close to a hundred clips ranging from five to twenty minutes each available for the iPod video. They look and sound great!”

Flava's movie trailers in iPod Video format can be downloaded at CocoStore.com.