Five New Titles Hit Marina Pacific's Catalog

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Five titles from as many different studios top the list of Marina Pacific's new releases this week.

In Keep in Shape (S.E.V.P. Platinum Edition), 14 young, muscular men take two hours to demonstrate sex is one of the best exercise regimens. Five scenes show them "exercising" from the time they wake up in the morning until they finish their daily "workouts." Three threesomes, a duo and a five-man orgy, all bareback, involve lifting weights, ping-pong challenges and other frat-boy activities.

Artem's Bareback Friends (Raw Entry Club) also revolves around young men and bareback sex. Handsome, charming, well-hung Artem undeniably is the male version of a nymphomaniac: He craves sex and seeks it at every opportunity. Over the course of four of the DVD's five scenes, he finds it individually with four different young and equally well-endowed friends. In the fifth scene, one of his friends stands in for Artem. The video occupies one hour and 43 minutes.

Hot House Entertainment's Backroom series comprises compilations of scenes previously found only on the company's website. Hot House Backroom Volume 3 features four duos - including Ty LeBeouf with Kevin Armstrong and Max Schutler with Nickolay Petrov - interspersed with solos from Johnny Castle and Francesco D'Macho. There's no plot surrounding the 10 men in six scenes - just raw action.

Cum Shoot Vol. 5, one in the Photographers Series from Anaconda, lays bare the behind-the-scenes thrill of lensing porn. A photographer is glimpsed in each of the five scenes - shooting, rearranging the set, guiding the action - but the focus is on the sex. The first four scenes are solos; the fifth is a poolside duo. The action occupies one hour and 27 minutes.

Tom "Ropes" McGurk and Grapik Art Productions deliver another BDSM fantasy in Puppy's Bone. Master Tyger Hudson and captive Donny Ryan (the "puppy" of the title) are the only two men who appear, but they make the most of their one hour and 56 minutes on camera. As they move from tender kisses into a rough "training" session, the puppy learns to obey - and do a few oral and anal tricks as well.

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