FalconGEAR Introduces Three New Supercocks

SAN FRANCISCO - Falcon Studios has announced the expansion of the existing FalconGEAR novelty line with the addition of three new signature Supercocks-realistic dildos cast from Falcon exclusives Erik Rhodes and Cort Donovan, as well as studio superstud Jason Adonis.

The three new Supercocks bring the total to 17 Supercocks in the FalconGear line, according to Pulse Distribution Vice President of Sales Ted LeVine. "The Supercocks are extremely realistic down to the veins and skin texture of the cock and balls," LeVine stated. "Women, [bisexual] men, and gay men love them all, and they're harness compatible."

Pulse Distribution has been the exclusive distributor for FalconGear since the 2006 AVN Novelty Expo . LeVine also shared with AVN Novelty Business magazine that FalconGEAR is scheduled to unveil the new Supercocks at this year's expo at booth No. 331 at the Hilton.

"Booth 331 is the 'Castro Street' shop-within-a-shop, merchandising display for stores to see how a gay-merchandised section can be incorporated into their configurations," LeVine continued. "Castro Street 'shop within a shop' includes FalconGEAR, Manline from Sportsheets , and M2M from PHS International. We will be showing various slat-wall-width plan-o-grams that can be outfitted to a store's exact measurements. It's a great attraction for the stores and has increased sales for those stores who have already added it."

LeVine also noted that the entire line consists of "the highest-density PVC, ensuring a non-porous finished product, which is hygienically safe and won't hold residue from previous usage when cleaned properly."

The castings-which were executed in 2006 though the resources of Topco Sales -will be available for shipment in late August.