Falcon Breaks 'Code of Silence' to Deliver Marine Sex

SAN FRANCISCO—In Code of Silence, Falcon Studios Group's latest release, Marines risk it all for love and sex, knowing that a Code of Silence must be maintained. Director Tony Dimarco commands the camera for this mission.

The DVD and scene downloads are available today on the Falcon Studios Group store

Loaded with a cast of performers that includes two former Marines, studio exclusives Ryan Rose and Sean Zevran, Code of Silence rounds out the unit with performers Fane Roberts, Brandon Evans, Kyle McMillan, and Pierce Paris.

The brotherhood of Marines has a code … a Code of Silence. What happens between Marines stays between Marines, and for this hot, horned-up platoon stationed deep in the desert, there’s plenty to keep quiet. The helping hands, hard-ons and hot holes of these soldiers help relieve the stresses of military life. While most of the grunts just want release with their fellow infantry, two Marine buddies, Fane Roberts and Brandon Evans, realize their bond runs deeper than their fooling-around friendship, so they vow to keep their romance secret. All the while, Sergeant Sean Zevran is onto them, and he’s willing to use his authority to get any satisfaction he desires.

“I was very fortunate that I was given such an amazing cast and a great location to shoot them on,’” says director Tony Dimarco. “Each of the men in Code of Silence are either retired military or are familiar with a branch, and it really brings this movie together to make it one of the hottest I’ve filmed in a while.” 

“It really doesn’t get more Falcon than this,” states Falcon Studios Group President Tim Valenti. “Tony Dimarco had a vision to bring the fantasy of sexy military men getting it on while on duty to life, and he knocked it out of the park with Code of Silence.

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