Empire of Caesar Prepped for Holiday Release

Prolific Hungarian director Csaba Borbély has completed the first of his four-part Roman series, The Empire of Caesar, All Worlds Video announced in a press release Tuesday.

All Worlds, citing the large cast, lavish settings, and authentic costumes, is predicting the Csaba Borbély (pronounced CHA-ba bor-BAY-ee) production will be "his epic masterpiece." Scott Swann of the All Worlds publicity department told GAYVN that the first installment will be released in December.

Following the release format of Borbély's popular three-part Passions of War series for All Worlds, the Roman movies will go on sale in sequence, "probably a month apart," said Swann. The second movie will be titled The Empire of Caesar: Gladiator. The remaining two movies have not been titled yet.

Starring new European discovery Gino Francesco in the title role, The Empire of Caesar has five scenes and includes in its 15-man cast such newcomers as Antonio Martinelli, Xavier Demarco, Mario McCabe, Dane Michaels, Austin Rogers, Gerry Preston, and Alfredo Castaldo.

For further information visit AllWorldsVideo.com.

Gino Francesco photo courtesy of AllWorldsVideo.com.