Drysdale, Stephans, Adonis, Benton Form Four Play Entertainment

Gay XXX-industry veterans Brett Drysdale, Thor Stephans, Tony Adonis, and Brad Benton have teamed up to create a new production company, Four Play Entertainment.

Each partner brings an area of expertise to the venture: Company president Drysdale has experience as a studio chief, Stephans is a director/producer, Adonis' credentials are in marketing and PR, and Benton has nearly a decade of performing experience.

"Although a production company, the new entity will not be creating adult entertainment of its own," Marketing Director Adonis explained. "The company’s first project, The Money Shot Report, will be a weekly half-hour webcast newsmagazine, similar to mainstream entertainment shows such as Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood, covering the news and goings-on of the gay adult entertainment industry."

The Money Shot Report will give viewers "the hard news of the week along with several other weekly and monthly entertaining segments: there will be company reports, celebrity reports, Internet and magazine as well as entertainment news, plus a variety of in-depth segments. As an example, the first scheduled in-depth report is titled 'Fashion & Gay Porn: Unlikely Bedfellows," Adonis said.

Company president Brett Drysdale stated that “this is not and will never be a gossip vehicle. There’s enough of that stuff already out there. Our goal is to report the news in an informative, entertaining, and hopefully arousing way.”

Drysdale loosely compared the formation of the company to the creation of United Artists back in the 1920s. “Douglas Fairbanks, D.W. Griffith, Mary Pickford, and Charles Chaplin, all industry veterans, created United Artists so that they could better control their own work as well as their futures. We are definitely excited about having control over our own direction and creative decisions. We aren’t looking to compete with the quality production companies already out there, we are looking to help them reach a larger, broader market by giving them the worldwide exposure they deserve.”

Director of Production Thor Stephans added, “Porn is such a visual medium and there currently is nothing out there that highlights the best of this vibrant industry in a visual and entertaining way. I’m looking forward to adding my technical expertise to this exciting new production company.”

The fourth member of the venture is multi-award winning gay-adult actor Brad Benton who will be the Creative Director of the new production company and will anchor The Money Shot Report.

“As someone who’s been in front of the camera for so many years, I think I bring a unique outlook to this company,” Benton said. “What I like about this venture is that it is innovative and offers something new. I feel like it is an opportunity to give something back to an industry that has given me so much. I really think it is something that will blow everyone away.”

Details as to show and segment sponsors, commercials, and where and to whom the webcast will be available are being kept close until after the pilot has been shot. The pilot is set to be shot in April, Adonis said, with a planned May production start to the series.

For more information on Four Play Entertainment and its team, The Money Shot Report sponsor opportunities, and/or to request interviews with any of the four partners, contact Tony Adonis at 310-498-5194 or [email protected].

Brad Benton photo courtesy of Four Play Entertainment.