Disruptive Bows Jake Waters' Directing Debut 'Missed My Flight'

MONTREAL—Adult star Jake Waters has stepped into the director's chair with Disruptive Films’ newest release, "Missed My Flight,” dropping January 19 at DisruptiveFilms.com.

Waters’ directorial debut tells the story of John Greenly (AJ Sloan), a stressed-out businessman on the verge of missing his flight home. Max Richardson (Dillon Diaz), a college dean, is late to the airport and might miss his flight as well. Both men arrive just as the plane takes off, leading to unexpected encounters in the airport lounge. As the tension rises, the men share flirtatious looks and compliments, sparking John's curiosity, and what unfolds is a riveting story of deception, as Max is not who he seems to be.
"Before I sat down and wrote this script, I knew I wanted my husband Dillon Diaz as the lead because I knew he would embody the character the way I imagined him,” said Waters. “Having Dillon by my side from concept to multiple edits, and then being with me on set at the end of filming when I said 'that's a wrap' made my dreams come true.”
Diaz enthused, "I may be a little biased, but working with my husband on ‘Missed My Flight’ was a pleasure and a treat. He had a very clear vision of what he wanted to present, and from the inception of the project he was able to communicate very clearly what he needed from the cast and crew with confidence and poise. His attention to detail was at the level of someone who was born to do the job of a writer and director.”
Waters said, “I have worked with my husband a lot in the past, but this was the first time that we worked together in this capacity. At first I was nervous about directing him, but Dillon and I sat down and had a conversation about it and he expressed his feelings and told me that he respects me and my creative process.”
Diaz added, “He took the time to work closely with each of his actors in the days leading up to the shoot to extract the nuance and subtext of the story, and the end result is an aggressive and steamy encounter between two sophisticated men. I will say that it was a turn-on performing for my husband in this capacity. I wanted him to be excited about what he was seeing. If this is what we get after his first time in the pilot's seat directing, then the sky's the limit.”
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