Debut Scene From 'Code of Silence' On Tomorrow

SAN FRANCISCO—The first scene from's Code of Silence, directed by Tony Dimarco, will debut tomorrow on the company's website. The military-style scene stars Ryan Rose and Tommy Regan, and the debut also includes an intro blowjob featuring Fane Roberts and Brandon Evans to set the stage for the plot of the movie. The DVD and scene downloads will be released on the Falcon Studios Group Store on July 7, 2017

The entire feature was shot among ruins in the desert to create a realistic feel of being stationed overseas with nothing around but sand and other men. It's said that a "code of silence" envelops the Marine Corps and because of that code, what happens between Marines stays between Marines.

Falcon also released some plot details for the feature. Handsome soldier Fane Roberts is assigned to his new post with fellow stud grunt Brandon Evans. After spending so much intimate time together, their attraction and feelings are undeniable. Unable to resist any longer, they secretly swap head in the barracks. Sergeant Zevran passes by nearly catching them in the act.

Meanwhile, out in the hot desert sun, Ryan Rose and Tommy Regan are on a military patrol. There's no one around for as far as the eye can see so the Marines take off their protective gear to get more comfortable—and the inevitable happens.

"Code of Silence shows the contrast between the hot military action that serves the need to get off and passionate love-making between two soldiers who find real romance. Some marines just want to get off, and others develop deeper connections,” said director Tony Dimarco. “This steamy first scene sets the stage for the rest of the film, where two young lovers navigate the dynamics of the military and their platoon to share private moments together, while the other grunts just want to get off any way they can.”, featuring over 2,500 amazing gay adult scenes, and the premiere of the Code of Silence scene starring Ryan Rose and Tommy Regan with Brandon Evans and Fane Roberts is available for promotion through the Buddy Profits affiliate program.

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