Cre8tive Juices: A new company gets Cre8tive with your Juice

Sean Storm took the gay adult industry by storm — and that’s more than just a bad pun — when he hooked up with Chip Daniels and started making movies for Centaur Films. He got his start in 1999 with Citiboyz and did noteworthy work in the Man Academy series as well as the Tight Ends & Wide Receivers sports series. He won a Best Solo GAYVN Award and received multiple additional nominations.

Then he and a friend from England, Ian Rawlings, decided to form their own company, CJ Media Inc., and launch a new gay adult label, Cre8tive Juices. Storm knew his days in front of the camera were limited, and he was well aware that his future needed some change.

“I’ve always been aware that models have a very short shelf life in the adult film business,” Storm said. “And without having any other career to fall back on, I decided to move beyond solely being a model and to take a more active approach to my post-performer career. There are several performers who have gone this route, but I decided to produce bareback films because the market was telling me that it was extremely hard to be successful if you were a new condom studio. So doing bareback was a no-brainer for me, commercially.”

The company’s five-volume series The Storm Chronicles is loosely based on Storm’s real-life adventures. The series is funny and contains high-production quality as well as a complex storyline involving a stalker and an evil twin brother. Although it’s sometimes considered career suicide among some major studios to perform in bareback movies, Storm said he didn’t face much backlash.

“I never felt any direct backlash from anyone, though that doesn’t mean that people from the other major studios didn’t talk,” Storm said. “I think the biggest change that I had to get used to was an almost overnight exile from the GAYVN Awards and trade mags. But I also expected that. What I didn’t expect was that both Raging Stallion and Centaur hired me to do condom movies several months after my first bareback movie had hit stores. And I’m sure other condom studios would have hired me too, but I had to stop accepting other studios’ films once I partnered to form Cre8tive Juices. Part of me misses the excitement of getting that next movie part and traveling to shoots.”

Now in his 10th year in the business, Storm is completing an all-sex feature and the final installment of The Storm Chronicles for release later this year as the company’s seventh and eighth titles. Its second all-sex feature, Sloppy Seconds, premiered Storm for the first time as a top in a bareback movie, and includes Chris Neal, Gavin Parker, Austin Shadow, Colin Knight, Parker Johnson and Austin Grant. It was available on the studio’s website,, first.

Rawlings and Storm want to create movies with major storylines and production quality like the condom-only classics. “We have plot-driven movies [and] we also pay a great deal of attention to details such as having the highest possible production values,” Storm said.

On the set, he said they take precautions. “We ask every model what his HIV status is so that we can match negative models with negative models and positive models with positive. If a model says he is negative, we require HIV test results. We will never pair a negative bottom with a positive top, no matter what.”

As a producer, director and, yes, even a model, he tries to keep things light and fun on the set at all times. And with the poor economy, he remains positive, saying, “Because of the economy and the resulting decrease in production within our industry, there are many more models available to us.”

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