COLT Releases Wide Strokes

COLT Studio Group announced today that it has released its Chris Wide starrer, Wide Strokes, to website and mail-order sales. Wholesale distribution will begin on November 15.

The much-publicized movie has broken COLT's record for pre-sale orders, said Kristofer Weston, the studio's head of marketing and events.

The John Rutherford-directed feature stars COLT exclusives Wide, Carlo Masi, Luke Garrett, and Gage Weston, as well as newcomer Leo Rocca and gay porn legend Zak Spears. "Six men in the classic COLT mold," said Weston, "three big-time fan favorites and three newcomers with a lot of what COLT fans like in a man!"

Wide and Masi will appear at COLT Studio's Folsom Street Fair booth on Sunday as part of the movie and studio promotion campaign. Joining them will be muscular newcomer Skye Woods.