COLT Men Take Kiwi Award

AUCKLAND, NZ - COLT Men Tom Chase and Skye Woods received the nod for "Best Duo Scene" during New Zealand's Kiwi Awards, the studio announced Friday. The scene that caught the judges' eyes was in the COLT Studio Group film Waterbucks 2.

Both men are perennial COLT favorites.

Waterbucks 2, directed by John Rutherford, is a steamy summer adventure featuring a collection of COLT Men in - and out of - skin-tight swimwear. In addition to Chase and Woods, it stars Carlo Masi, Gage Weston, Jason Kingsley, Josh Weston, Luke Garrett and Adam Champ.

Chase next appears with Brad Patton in the upcoming Couples III . Woods frequently performs live on webcam at his own site.