Colby Melvin Tapped as AdamMale Brand Ambassador

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C.—AdamMale, an offshoot of Adam & Eve, a leading purveyor of adult products for more than 45 years, has selected activist and model Colby Melvin as its new brand ambassador. To kick off the partnership, AdamMale released a parody video titled “Dodgeball” and starring Melvin, whose social media following has reached nearly 2 million.

“I’m excited about working with AdamMale,” Melvin said. “Much of my advocacy work is centered around empowering gay men to own their sexuality unapologetically. Whether you’re simply exploring or a bit more experienced, AdamMale has fun products that will satisfy anyone’s curiosity. The best part is that 20 percent of their profits go to HIV/AIDS organizations.”

Melvin is joined in the “Dodgeball” video by drag stars Jackie Beat and Willam Belli, who lead two teams of hot guys in a very different type of dodgeball match. Directed by Brad Hammer, the video also features Liam Riley, Jack Merridew, Brandon Wilde, Nickoles Alexander Perez, Austin Wallis, Timothy Willy and others.

The video opens with coaches Jackie Beat and Willam Belli ready to square off. Melvin, who plays the referee, turns both teams loose in the auditorium and the jokes are soon flying—along with a lot of other items that adult retailers might recognize. 

Find the “Dodgeball” video on

“Colby Melvin is the perfect fit,” stated Lee Grutman, media strategist at AdamMale. “He’s sexy, smart, outgoing and has a great sense of humor. Colby is a tireless advocate committed to helping gay men feel comfortable with their sexuality and does an incredible job reaffirming that sex is a natural and wonderful thing.  Colby shares AdamMale’s commitment to giving back by donating his time and talent to charitable organizations. We could not have asked for a better brand ambassador.”

AdamMale’s parent company, PHE Inc., is heavily committed to public service, with company and employee involvement in local schools, community groups and charities including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Relay for Life and the Special Olympics. Over the past decade, more than 40 percent of AdamMale’s profits have been donated to various charity programs.