CockyBoys' New Series 'Love: Lost and Found' Playing Now

NEW YORK — With aesthetics reminiscent of 2013's A Thing of Beauty, today's CockyBoys release of the debut scene from its new series, Love: Lost and Found, is the latest from Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian.

Love: Lost and Found features Sean Ford, Allen King, Taylor Reign, Cory Kane, Levi Karter, Jasen Zhu and Troy Acolla with a special appearance by François Sagat. 

Episode one begins with couple Taylor Reign and Cory Kane jetting off to sunny Mexico to have some fun with each other, and whomever else they might meet. They've invited their newly single friend Sean Ford, who's in need of cheering up. But Sean isn't quite ready yet to leave his woes behind and cut loose like his buddies, even when he goes with them to a party yacht with other "open-minded" couples (one being Allen King and Levi Karter). By the time the uninhibited fun moves to a local bar, the seeds are planted for some couple swapping. As the night progresses and leads to after-hours, Taylor and Corey end up in a full-on threeway with Allen King. 

CockyBoys’ owner and Director Jake Jaxson stated, “This series was such a pleasure to shoot and reminded me that I work with the best group of models around. Everyone got along so well, and worked together to create a beautiful series that I think fans can connect to on numerous levels.”