Celebrate CockyBoy Carter Dane’s Birthday With His Fleshjack

AUSTIN, Texas—CockyBoy Carter Dane is celebrating his birthday, and Fleshjack is ready to help him mark the occasion with his own masturbator.

Carter Dane's line of Fleshjack toys, which are molded from his penis and ass, are available for sale exclusively on Fleshjack.com

Dane rose to porn superstardom in the past two years as a CockyBoy exclusive scooping up award after award at almost every show. 

“When Carter first came onto the scene, I immediately could see that he had the potential to be a star in the industry,” said Felshjack Director Daniel Harvell. “Then I met him and discovered what a genuinely delightful person he is - I knew after that day that he would eventually be a Fleshjack Boy. I am thrilled to add someone of his caliber to the team. As for his toys, yes, he's known for his rear assets, so his Fleshjack is exceptionally tight and fun - but don't forget about his dildo. It's one of the best we've ever produced, and they're all pretty amazing!”

Carter is in good company as CockyBoy superstars Liam Riley, Boomer Banks, and Levi Karter debuted their Fleshjack products last year to much fanfare. After Carter both Ricky Roman and Allen King have Fleshjack lines that will be released as well.

CockyBoy’s Owner and Director Jake Jaxson said, “Carter Dane is such a wonderful addition to Fleshjack. He's a perfect example of someone who is as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. I have no doubt that Carter’s will be one Fleshjack’s best-selling lines!”

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