Cadro Gay Cuban Titles Available Now

Distributor Arena Entertainment, associate of Paladin Video, announced today the release of the final four productions from the late Steve Cadro's Cadro Films. Three of the movies were shot in Cuba; the fourth, Pan Asian, was shot in Southeast Asia.

Porn insiders have been aware of these movies "from Cadro's vaults" for a while, but the Arena release is the first time they will receive wholesale distribution. Cuba Libre 1 is available now, Cuba Libre 2 will street January 26, 2005, and a solo video, Cubana Robusto, will appear on March 2. Pan Asian will release this year on November 17. All titles are available on VHS and DVD.

Interest in the Cuban movies is expected to be very high, as filming porn in Cuba is illegal and happens so rarely. Ginetto di Masolo, videographer for all four titles, told, "Except for two Europeans we brought with us, the entire cast is Cuban. In retrospect, we were very lucky. An Italian crew that was filming porn a week later got caught and their jail sentence was eighteen years."

To place orders or for more information, e-mail [email protected], or phone him at (818) 786-1300 or (800) 800-3099.