Bruce LaBruce/Cockyboys Team-Up 'Flea Pit' Now Available On DVD

NEW YORK CITY—CockyBoys has announced that its one-of-kind collaboration with iconic writer/filmmaker Bruce LaBruce, Flea Pit, is now available on DVD worldwide and online at

LaBruce has built a career exploring themes of sexual and interpersonal transgression against cultural norms and he's known for frequently blending the artistic and production techniques of independent film with gay pornography, not unlike CockyBoys' owner and acclaimed director Jake Jaxson, so the collaboration was only fitting. This result is a short film anthology which is LaBruce's first gay adult project since LA Zombie over 7 years ago.

The Flea Pit DVD consists of four separate short films: Diablo In Madrid, Uber Menschen, Purple Army Faction, and Flea Pit, all different, and all unique. The majority of Flea Pit was shot on location in Berlin with an all-star cast of star performers including Francois Segat, Colby Keller, Dato Foland, and Arad WinWin with CockyBoys' stars Sean Ford, Levi Karter, Calvin Banks and Allen King.

Jake Jaxson said of working with LaBruce, "I have always loved Bruce's work. There was just so much about it that was irreverent and so wrong and it always stuck with me and, more importantly, inspired my work and path as a director. Now almost 25 years later, I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with this unapologetic 'cult' filmmaker in a collection of four interconnected short films now anthologized into a single collection: Flea Pit!"

Bruce LaBruce said, "I've always been intrigued by the CockyBoys brand, and as I like to keep my hand in the porn biz, I met with Jake to discuss a collaboration. Jake is always open to new ideas, so I proposed a kind of omnibus film, a package of four short films with interrelated themes. The concept includes more high-end production values than are usually found in porn, with an emphasis on characters and narrative. The resulting four films—Diablo in Madrid, Uber Menschen, Purple Army Faction, and Flea Pit—represent an attempt to return to more classical forms of porn storytelling.

Flea Pit has it all: Angels and devils, sex on the Berlin wall, an epic theatre group orgy unlike anything viewers have seen before, and much more.  Bruce LaBruce comes to pornography with a clear sense of revolution—queer revolution. Gay pornography may be the last bastion of true, queer radicalism.

The DVD is now available online at For wholesale orders contact Media Partners' Hugo Harley here or call 718-383-8337 x 121.