Brian Bonds, Teddy Bryce Star In NakedSword's New 'Making Rent'

SAN FRANCISCO—NakedSword Originals has debuted its second new all-sex series of 2018, Making Rent. The new series, shot and directed by NakedSword's award-winning director mr. Pam, features guys in scenarios where they have to bring home the bacon by any means necessary. Fans can find out what happens when eight of the sexiest guys working in the industry today have to do what it takes to "make rent." The new series will run for the next four weeks exclusively on

Making Rent's debut scene, which is now playing, stars Brian Bonds, who calls houseboy Teddy Bryce to come over and give his kitchen a deep cleaning. As Teddy is working up a sweat, Brian is enjoying the view of the tattooed stud. Brian offers Teddy three times the amount of money they originally agreed on if he does the job naked. Almost instantly, Teddy is on his knees, and it's not long before Brian goes all the way and gives Teddy a hardcore pounding.

NakedSword's acclaimed Director mr. Pam said of Making Rent and the first scene, "This series is really hot and fun. I like storylines with scenarios that people can relate to or fantasize about. Anything involving making money, sex, and power gives endless ways to create the right set-ups to suck the audience in. Brian Bonds and Teddy Bryce were very at ease with each other, which made for a really animalistic and passionate debut scene for Making Rent."

"House Boy," the first scene from the new series Making Rent, is now playing only on