Boulevard Releases ‘Faustus’

MISSION HILLS, Calif.Boulevard Films, a division of Boulevard Distribution, has released its first independent production, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus. With a script adapted by Andy Goode from Christopher Marlowe’s classic Elizabethan morality play of the same name, the Boulevard title stars AJ Irons and Austin Reynolds under the direction of GAYVN Hall of Famer TJ Paris. Chad Connors and Julie Simone also are featured.

Faustus is an intimate accounting of a disgruntled professor who trades his soul to the devil in exchange for 20-some-odd years of pleasure. Boulevard founder and President Andy Goode said he believes the film is the first gay adult production to cleave so closely to the source material—except for the gay sex part.

“These characters are damned, but they are damned sexy,” he said.

The studio has three additional projects in the works: two based on Shakespearean classics and an improvisational piece by Paris. Although Goode declined to reveal details, he said all will feature mainstream talent in addition to gay adult performers.

“The hardcore adult scenes will be filmed on separate days than the non-hardcore,” Goode told “We did this on Faustus, and it worked really well. We have absolutely no interest in converting mainstream actors into adult stars. The adult work must be a unique calling. Plus, people’s innocence needs to be protected as much as possible, even for the adult sex actors.”

As for the unconventional nature of the scripts, Goode said shaking up traditional thought is part and parcel of an artist's existence. Some of the most compelling art arises in the most unlikely places, he noted.

"Some of the most compelling theater is staged in prisons," he told "If they can do it, I don't see why we can't as well."

Faustus will begin shipping to wholesale accounts during the first full week in January; for more information or to order, visit or contact Goode via email or at (818) 892-4427. Retail consumers may obtain a copy of the DVD at