Blue Lights View Holds Prague Trip Contest

As part of the promotion campaign for its latest release, The Defiant Ones, Czech Republic-based gay video company Blue Lights View is offering an all-expenses-paid "wild, three-day weekend" trip to Prague to the winner of a contest embedded in the movie.

The unusual part of the prize is the sleeping arrangement. The winner gets to spend the night in the "jail" used for the set of The Defiant Ones.

According to Blue Lights View spokesman Demian Dvorak, the contest procedure is this: "Purchase a DVD of The Defiant Ones (proof of purchase is required, entries from pirated or copied discs are ineligible). As you watch the movie, a question will pop up in each of the film's seven sex scenes. You will be alerted by a tinkling bell sound every time a question is about to appear. Trust me," Dvorak said, "it doesn't distract from the action! At the end of the film you will be asked to write out your answers and mail them to Blue Lights View in Prague."

All entries with correct answers will be entered into a drawing to be held on April 28. The winner will be selected in a random drawing from the pool of entrants who answered all seven questions correctly. The winner will be notified immediately.

"All entries must be postmarked no later than April 15," Dvorak said.

The winner of the drawing will receive a round-trip ticket to Prague for dates mutually acceptable to the winner and Blue Lights View. (The winner must have or obtain his own passport valid for the travel dates.) "Once in Prague, the winner will be picked up by a limo at the plane," said Dvorak, "and whisked off for an evening of dining and clubbing.

"After a night in 'jail' (which is equipped with a sauna and Jacuzzi), the winner will spend the day sightseeing — then it's back home with pictures and memories to last a lifetime!" Dvorak concluded.

The Defiant Ones will be released on March 28 by Pulse Distribution.