Black Boy Addictionz to Feature Crossover Debut of Jahan Ace

LOS ANGELES—Black Boy Addictionz recently announced that its summer lineup will include the exclusive gay porn debut of former professional basketball player turned amateur straight porn star Jahan Ace. This news comes less than a month after their debut of crossover star Jay C (formerly JC Power and Axil Miller) in his first gay role.

Jahan Ace initially made a name for himself sharing amateur solo and straight videos on sites like OnlyFans and ConnectPal. Over the past year, he has increasingly catered to his large and growing gay fan base by including ass play and rimming in some of his videos. But he has never actually performed in any scenes with another male—until now.

"Traditionally, straight porn stars like Jahan Ace have had to choose between one side of the industry or the other," explained BBA's owner and director Michael Galletta. "But thankfully we seem to be entering an exciting new era when a small but growing handful of open-minded male performers from the world of straight porn are showing a newfound respect and appreciation for their LGBT fans, and on rare occasions even 'crossing over' to do gay and bisexual porn."

While Black Boy Addictionz has featured familiar special guest stars in the past, these recent crossover appearances by Jay C and Jahan Ace are at a level beyond anything the site has offered before, according to Galletta.

Stay tuned to for Jahan Ace’s debut coming in July. Fans can also stay up to date with BBA by following their Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter