Bijou Re-Releases Three Glory Hole Classics

CHICAGO—Bijou Video has re-mastered and re-released three “glory hole” classics from the early days of gay porn. Featuring performers like Al Parker, Mike Braun, Chris Burns, Mike Mitchell, Steve King, Tom Sawyer and Duff Paxton, the titles tease and thrill with the erotic potential of anonymous sex in public places.

Dangerous (Surge Studios, 1983) combines director Steve Scott’s considerable storytelling ability with Parker’s legendary star power to create a film as symbolically deep as it is sexually charged. The movie opens with bearded hunk Braun blowing Burns through a glory hole. Burns returns the favor before a door flies open and one man is arrested. The balance of the film’s 88 minutes are devoted to lovers’ interactions as they deal with the aftermath.

Not only is Dangerous erotically supercharged, but it also embodies a powerful exploration of the psychology underlying gay men’s attraction to dangerous, anonymous sex. Glory holes serve not only as metaphors for unfettered sexual pleasure, but also stand as unifying forces.

Twelve at Noon (Bijou Classics, 1976), also directed by Scott, provides five lusty answers to the age-old question, “What are you doing for lunch?” Originally a theatrical release, the 58-minute collection of loops reveals a young director’s attempts to discover himself at the outset of what was to become a stellar career. Mitchell, King, Sawyer and Paxton literally gorge themselves at a buffet of oral and anal delights. They revel not only in the public sex, but also in the knowledge they could be caught.

In Men’s Room (Bijou Video, 1977), 58 minutes of hardcore action take place in a public park’s bathroom. A variety of men pass through the doors of the facility, and many stay awhile in order to take advantage when opportunity knocks. In one scene, a tattooed man and a guy wearing sunglasses enjoy each other after an accidental encounter. In another, three blonds engage in a threesome in the middle of the floor. The coup de grace features a free-for-all orgy that evolves into the gangbang of a vice cop who attempts to break up the action.

Hungry Hole (Brentwood Classic, 1982) comprises a 54-minute collection of four short videos depicting guys filling holes in several senses of the term. Though three of the shorts are traditional gay porn, the third segment focuses on oral gratification in a series of glory hole booths.

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