Bijou Re-Releases Classic ‘Brotherly Love’ Fantasies

CHICAGO—Long before today’s gay adult fans became obsessed with twins and triplets, pioneering gay porn directors like J Brian explored the taboos of brotherly love. In Brothers, an 80-minute compilation of Brian shorts from 1982, the Lee twins and the Christy twins redefine “share and share alike” as they explore beyond the bounds of mutual masturbation while watching gay porn.

In “real life,” by the way, the Lee twins were honest-to-goodness Marines.

Oh Brother, a 1983 classic from Nova Productions, leaves the fantasy solidly in the realm of fantasy: The brothers here are performers, not literal relatives, but that hardly lessens the chemistry between them. Ross Franklin stars and Gian Carlo features in the 90-minute flick.

In Big Brother is Watching You, redheads, car sex, showers, boyish men, big dicks, brotherly love and kinky outdoor action all are part of the mix. The 60-minute collection of three plotless, all-action films from Nova Productions (1981) culminates in a rich kid cruising California streets in search of a quick pickup.

Little Brother’s Coming Out (1983), also from Nova, comprises three short films featuring Jeff Scott, Jeremy Scott, Russ Williams and Chip Robertson in 60 minutes of masturbation, oral sex and a bit of penetration.

All four DVDs have been re-mastered and re-released as part of the Bijou Classics series from Bijou Video. They are available at the company’s website,