Between Flights, 'Jocks' Just Want to Have Fun

SAN FRANCISCO—Air travel can be such a hassle, what with security scans, cancelled flights, delayed departures and other assorted irritants. No one knows better than the performers in Falcon Entertainment’s Jocks line how stressful travel can be. To date, the guys have “done” Hollywood, Lake Shasta, San Francisco, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs and Las Vegas.

Now they’re tackling Los Angeles, but this time, they’re ready for a long layover.

In Jocks Layover Los Angeles, Part 1, Christian Wilde, Jayden Grey, Mario Costa, Beau Marcus, Brayden Jaymes, Darin, James Gates and Justin Cox find themselves marooned in L.A. with some extra time on their hands … and anything but airports on their minds. With indoor and outdoor scenes, the title has a setting for nearly everyone.

Part 1 streeted Monday. Parts 2 and 3, due later this summer, also will feature a bonus solo by the cover model. According to the studio, Wilde’s solo in Part 1 is so explosive, he even gets a taste of himself. Like the other titles in the Jocks line, Jocks Layover Los Angeles Parts 1, 2 and 3 aim for the pro-am niche and feature 18- to 22-year-old newcomers.

Jocks is approaching almost 60 released titles, and there’s definitely no stopping them,” said Janet T., vice president of sales for Pulse Distribution, which represents Falcon’s product. “This is one of our most popular gay lines and has a huge fan base. The titles set in major cities and vacation getaways feature hot, young guys partying across the country. No one else does anything even remotely close to this. And now that they have their first Los Angeles title, I’m sure it will do as well as its predecessors.”

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