Bel Ami, Corbin Fisher Get in Bed Together

SAN DIEGO, Calif., and PRAGUE – Corbin Fisher and Bel Ami have embarked upon a collaborative project that will provide both gay adult studios with exclusive scenes for their websites and ultimately result in the release of a full-length DVD, Five Americans in Prague.

The studios describe the flick as “what happens when Europe’s answer to the all-American boy meets the all-American boy.”

“This is indeed a historic partnership for Bel Ami, and the gay porn world in general,” Chief Operating Officer Stuart Davis said. “Having two leading companies in compatible markets partner to create exclusive content shared between studios as well as benefits that are offered only to each other’s members at this level and to this degree is unprecedented.”

Added Corbin Fisher Chief Operating Officer Brian Dunlap, “This collaboration not only provides the opportunity to create highly unique and original content, but also adds tremendous value to the experience of our respective members and fans.”

The two studios recently completed a month of content co-production that incorporated locations in San Francisco, Prague and Budapest. Fans will see some of each company’s most popular exclusive talent featured in the jointly produced material. Bel Ami’s Dolph Lambert, Ariel Vanean, Luke Hamill, Brandon Manilow, Jean Daniel Chagall and Sascha Chaykin participated, as did Corbin Fisher’s Dawson, Connor, Elijah, Josh and Zeke.

“Fans of both companies can look forward to exclusive scenes from the recent and massive international shoot to be released monthly at both and, leading up to the release of Five Americans in Prague later this year,” Davis said.

According to Dunlap, “Our fans are really set to reap the benefits of this collaboration, as it brings extra original, unique and exclusive content, discounts on DVDs and other products from each studio, along with discounted join rates between our [web]sites.”

The shared content includes introductory episodes produced by each studio for the other’s site. BelAmiOnline members will be treated June 16 to a never-before-seen video with Corbin Fisher’s Derek and Travis, with members offered a never-before-seen video featuring Luke Hamill and Alex Orioli from Bel Ami on the same date.

In addition to the co-produced content, each studio’s website weekly will feature a full scene from the other’s. Drawn from the best of both their vast catalogs, the scenes will give extra value to members of both sites and a chance to sample the offerings of the partner studio.