BBC Picks TitanMen Tweet To Highlight Anti-Trump Response

CYBERSPACE—Shortly after Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort and two other Trump aides were indicted as part of the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious news organizations sought a reaction—from the leading gay adult studio TitanMen.

But the British Broadcasting Corporation quickly backtracked, deleting the tweeted TitanMen comment from an article on its website compiling social media responses to a Twitter tirade from Trump the day before the indictments came down. In his Twitter rant, Trump attacked his Democratic opponent in last year’s election, Hillary Clinton—declaring that it was Clinton, not his own people, who should be under investigation.

Of the hundreds of responses on Twitter,  one came from TitanMen, who tweeted, “She’s not the President, you are. … Nice try at distracting from indictments coming on Monday. He who doth protest too much…”

According to a report by the British newspaper Metro UK, BBC journalists selected the TitanMen tweet as a prime example of anti-Trump social media responses, in a BBC article about Trump’s Twittter rant.

But the BBC, a company known fir its long tradition of stodginess, quickly deleted the tweet from its posted article, apparently after realizing that TitanMen is, in fact, one of the major players in gay adult entertainment.

The mistake may have been understandable, however. The TitanMen Twitter feed features numerous retweeted news articles and comments regarding the Trump Russia scandal, interspersed with hardcore images and video from recent TitanMen productions.

TitanMen was clearly amused by the BBC’s sudden reversal, tweeting, “LOL! BBC posted our Trump Twitter comment, then realized we were a gay porn company and deleted it!” 

The studio’s Twitter account then added,  “We like to think of ourselves as the thinking man’s porn!”

The BBC’s gaffe was not the first time TitanMen found itself associated with Trump on a public media platform. In January of 2016, TitanMen star Jesse Jackman authored a blog entry on the Huffington Post titled, “I’m Voting For Trump. Here’s Why.”

In the blog, Jackman explained that though he chardacterizes his political views as “liberal as they come,” he planned to vote as a Republican in the Massachusetts primary and cast a vote for Trump in order to cause “chaos” within the GOP.