Barret Long: 'My Clients Have Sometimes Been Cowboys'

NEW YORK - Bare it, Barrett.

That's right: We want adult performer Barrett Long to name names. After his vague announcement earlier this week on Howard Stern's satellite radio show, the entirety of the gay-porn-loving American public seethes with desire to uncover the identity of the Dallas Cowboy with whom Long claims to have dallied.

Jersey number will suffice in lieu of photo ID.

During a guest spot on Stern's show, Long discussed his lengthy career in gay adult entertainment. The famously endowed cocksman claims to be straight despite performing as both top and bottom in more than 100 gay videos. He also dropped the startling admission he has, on occasion, accepted financial remuneration from men for his services as a ... er ... "companion."

Long claimed a current or former Dallas Cowboy is or was among his clients.

Although Stern toadie Artie Lange launched into a barrage of guesses about the mystery man's identity (including quarterback and Jessica Simpson main squeeze Tony Romo and receiver Terrell Owens), Long declined to spill the beans.

Long appeared on the Stern show to promote his new DVD series, What Happens in Vegas, which is available at his e-commerce website,