AWOL Marines Goes Mobile at

LOS ANGELES—The Marines are coming—and cumming—after mobilizing at The newly launched website, designed especially for mobile devices, is a scaled-down sibling of “straight-guy-seduction” site

Designed and managed by Company Number 4 B.V., a division of Cybersocket Inc., AWOLMobile contains highlights from the infamous home videos shot by Bobby Garcia.

“Bobby lured these straight Marines from Camp Pendleton down into his basement and got them to take off their clothes and perform for him,” said Cybersocket co-founder Morgan Sommer. “Now you can watch the action wherever you want to with the convenience of your mobile phone. AWOLmobile will stream high-quality video directly to you. This really is the cutting edge of adult entertainment technology.”

Billed as “totally authentic, unrehearsed, real raw footage” and powered by Spankmo Mobile Services, the site offers new videos three times each week and supports more than 900 different devices, including all the current “it” models like iPhone and Blackberry. Supported operating systems also include Windows Mobile, Palm Pre and Android. According to Graeme Kingshott, co-founder of Barcelona-based adult mobile platform provider Spankmo, the site performs well on PSP- and internet-enabled Motorola, Nokia, LG, Samsung and Sony Ericsson models.

“Mobile is perfect for whenever you need a quick shot of AWOL Marines action,” Kingshott said. “There is no need to worry about using your office or family computer, and the user experience is just fantastic.”

To check out AWOLMobile for yourself, visit For more information about gay adult publisher Cybersocket, visit