Atlas to Direct, Star With Dalton

Popular physique stars Zeb Atlas and Mark Dalton are teaming up for the first time this weekend to shoot a movie together in Texas. Dalton and Atlas are co-producing the project and Atlas is directing.

The press release announcing the upcoming shoot did not disclose the movie's title, release date, distribution plans, or proposed sexual content, only that the movie will feature only "the two stars in multiple scenes together." Both models are famous for their muscle-worship appearances and solo J.O.'s.

A source close to the production said, "It's going to be more than just solos, yes. There will be some 'interaction.' But… until they're actually naked and the camera is rolling, they won't know just how far the chemistry between them will let them go."

In the press release Atlas said, "We know the fans want us doing as much as possible... and they won't be disappointed. But we do have to leave a few things for the next ones."

The movie is targeted for release before December 15.

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