ASGmax Debuts Original Content With 'ASG Free Use'

LOS ANGELES—Alpha Studio Group announced the release of its first ASGmax Originals programming with "ASG Free Use: Meet My Boyfriend." Starring ASG exclusives Masyn Thorne and Ryder Owens, together with Liam Hunt, "Meet My Boyfriend" explores a free-use fantasy where consenting partners can have sex with each other whenever they want without interrupting their current activities.

“Free-use content is a really unique style, and we’re super excited to try it out,” said ASG chief creative officer Jeremy Babcock. “‘Anytime, Anywhere’ is kind of the motto of our free-use world. It’s really fun to see these different scenarios where the characters get to act out their inner thoughts, right there in the moment. We couldn’t have asked for better models to help us launch this pilot, all three did a great job of the casual chatter while having fun with each other.”

Hunt enthused, “Our free-use scene with Ryder and Masyn was a fun challenge. We all connected immediately and had a great time jumping into the roles. Those two are pros and I think we ended up making something really fun and new for the fans to enjoy.“

“My scene with Liam and Masyn was so fun and so hot,” said Owens. “It was my first time doing a scene like this but our chemistry was so hot we almost forgot we were filming. Being put in between them was so sexy and I can’t wait to do it again.“

"ASG Free Use: Meet My Boyfriend” is available to stream now. For more ASG exclusives, Julian Brady is back starring in the Next Door Originals scene “Rivals: Promotion” with Josh Brady on Sept. 27, 2023.