Adonis Bottoms for Falcon

In what it is calling “the coup of the year,” Falcon Studios announced last night that career top Jason Adonis, one of gay porn’s biggest names, has bottomed for the first time. The scene, to be included in The Farmer’s Son, was filmed last week. Falcon exclusive Erik Rhodes was the top.

Adonis had been scheduled earlier this year to bottom for the first time in Jet Set Productions’ Going Under, but backed out of the production at the last minute citing contractual disagreements. At the time Adonis told GAYVN that when he finally did bottom it would be for his own production company.

Falcon Director of Production Chris Steele directed the scene. "Waiting for Jason to bottom on camera was a true test of patience. It's something he and I had been trying to work out for some time now," he said. "Jason was amazing as was Erik. They have two of the hottest bodies in the business and to see them going at each other was a director's dream come true."

Upon viewing a rough-cut of the scene, Falcon President Todd Montgomery stated, "Even in bottoming, Jason brings out the raw masculinity that's made him one of the industry's biggest stars. Jason delivered one of the most heart-stopping performances of the year and Erik continues to demonstrate that he is the ultimate icon in versatility."

"It was a little more work than usual,” said top’s top Rhodes. “But he has such a great ass it was all worth it."

The Farmer’s Son (FVP172) will be released in January 2007.

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