Aaron Star's <I>Hot Nude Yoga</I> Ready for the Holidays

Hot Nude Yoga founder Aaron Star has released a box set of four DVDs on different aspects of his famous gay male yoga program in time "for the holidays and January Get-in-Shape season," according to a Hot Nude Yoga press release.

Star teamed with Queer Eye for the Straight Guy director Michael Selditch and award-winning producer and editor Rob Tate to create a series of yoga videos featuring quality yoga instruction with sexy young men demonstrating the positions nude.

Star began his popular Hot Nude Yoga classes in New York City in 1998. He now also conducts retreats and teacher-training workshops throughout the world. These DVDs provide the first look for a wider audience at his private sensual yoga classes and allow home viewers to participate in a real Hot Nude Yoga session.

Disc 1, Virgin, is designed for the beginning yoga student or the yogi who wishes to take a more gentle approach to his practice. Disc 2 is Strength, a body strengthening workout that provides a challenge by pushing the limits while offering detailed instruction on how to improve one's yoga postures. Disc 3, Partner, is designed to be practiced with another person. Partners are guided through an enjoyable sensual experience of touch and body contact, helping manipulate each other into yoga postures they would not have been able to achieve on their own.

On the fourth DVD, Tantra, Star teaches many of the techniques featured in his Hot Nude Yoga classes with an emphasis on mutual body contact. Taking up where the Partnerdisc leaves off, Tantra is a unique way for partners to take their relationships to a higher, more sensual plane while infusing a touch of spirituality into their sex life.

The first three DVDs are available singly. Tantra can only be purchased as part of the boxed set. The videos are currently available on the web at HotNudeYoga.com, TLA.com, and Amazon.com.

Hot Nude Yoga will be in stores January 1. For information and wholesale orders contact Garvey Rich at 646-216-8397; [email protected]