Third World Media Tugs at Uncut Fetish with ‘Foreskin Frenzy'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - According to Third World Media exclusive director Ed "Da Skin Is In" Hunter, foreskin fetish is an underserved market segment in the gay adult entertainment industry. Hunter has embarked on a mission to change that with Foreskin Frenzy.

"For men who have been circumcised - and that's most of the men in the U.S. - the elusive foreskin holds immense fascination," Hunter said. "There is so much fun you can have with a foreskin: tug-of-wars, foreskin fucking, cock-docking...."

"It's all extremely raunchy stuff, and for our fans of hot guys with 100-percent natural cocks, it doesn't get any better" than this, he added.

Scheduled to be in stores Nov. 3, Foreskin Frenzy features a cast of young studs participating in ATM, cock-docking and tongue-swirling. The title will be released concurrently on AEBN's network of online video-on-demand theaters (which includes Third World's theater site), where it will be an exclusive until Dec. 3.

Hunter, known primarily for his work in the transsexual genre, said that for as much fun as the movie was to make, it also embodied some unusual challenges.

"Our cover boy, Bruno, has braces," he said. "I knew this could be a dangerous scene when he bit down on his boyfriend's penis for our cover shot. Luckily everyone left the set with their foreskins still intact."

A trailer is available online.

Distributors may contact John Florian for more information.