Third World Media Releases ‘Rice Rockets'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Third World Media's new all-Japanese gay title, Rice Rockets, will hit the streets Sept. 15.

The video features seven Japanese men - Jin Sawaki, Doctor Shiratori, Yuto, Jin, Daisaku, Susumu and Takashi - who were recruited in Tokyo's famous gay district, Shinjuku 2 Chome. The disc features English subtitles, bonus scenes of the boys lathering up and washing off, in-depth interviews with the guys as they're getting blown and "Kiss Overdrive," a collection of clips of passionate oral and deep kissing.

Third World Media contract director Ed Hunter has been on a personal quest to bring the company in touch with the gay community. Along with Tight Latin Manholes, Rice Rockets forms the vanguard in what the company plans to be a series of ethnic releases.

"Ed Hunter hit the ground running and feels the pulse of our consumers' desires," Third World Media president Steve Scott said. "I don't stifle Ed's creativity. He knows how to produce the content our company needs to keep us cutting-edge and hot. Just wait until you see his newest concept, Foreskin Frenzy, hitting stores in November."