Third World Media Launches New Gay Brazilian Series

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Based on the success of its Tight Asian Manholes series, Third World Media has launched a new bareback Brazilian series called Tight Latin Manholes.

The first volume is scheduled to hit store shelves July 7. It stars Erick, Kaike, Rudolpho, Breno, Kawa and Junior. The video also is notable for being the first gay title produced by adult veteran Ed "Tight-Ass" Hunter, whose other credits include Third World Media's transsexual movies.

"Brazil is full of beautiful people, and that includes the guys," Hunter said. "It's hard to find someone you can't shoot. Tight Latin Manholes is about [masseurs] and their clientele who are always guaranteed to be oiled up, rubbed down and given a bareback happy ending. We have every kind of guy - from twinks to daddies - and they all look amazing. These guys can wear Speedos and not be ashamed."

Third World Media president Steve Scott said Tight Latin Manholes fits well with the company's overall philosophy.

"Wherever we go and whatever we shoot, we strive to bring new faces to our products," he said. "Our previous gay offerings have done better than we ever expected and the fans have been asking us for more."

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