Pirate Fails to Avoid Court Judgment by Filing for Bankruptcy

LAS VEGAS, Nev.—A torrenter's attempt to dodge a copyright infringement judgment against him for pirating videos backfired when it resulted in an even larger judgment and a firm order that the $65,000 judgment will not be discharged through bankruptcy.

Liberty Media Holdings, parent company of Corbin Fisher, sued Texas resident Juan Carlos Mancera for illegally torrenting materials from CorbinFisher.com. In a maneuver advocated by many in the torrenter-defense community, Mancera went to the bankruptcy court in order to try and defeat the claim.

“I see this idea espoused by some torrent defense lawyers, that they think torrenters should just run to bankruptcy court to get out of any infringement award,” said Marc J. Randazza, general counsel for Corbin Fisher. “I have told many of them informally that it wouldn't work. Bankruptcy is not available for intentional torts, nor for criminal activity. Copyright infringement is both.”

Mancera petitioned the bankruptcy court to relieve him of any judgment. At the time, Liberty Media was seeking only $20,000, and this is the amount that Mancera sought to have discharged. Liberty intervened in the bankruptcy proceeding, and Mancera had no response to Liberty's intervention. In the end, the bankruptcy court awarded Liberty $65,000—more than three times what Liberty sought in the initial case.

Further, the bankruptcy court specifically held that the $65,000 debt could not be discharged in bankruptcy. Mancera will owe the full amount even should he file for bankruptcy again.

“This judgement dispels the myth that Liberty will not chase a torrenter into bankruptcy court,” said Brian Dunlap, COO. "Mr. Mancera will now have a $65,000 judgment following him around for at least 20 years, and we intend to have our lawyers pursue him through any and all legal means."

Corbin Fisher, one of the premier online adult content providers in the world, is known for producing high-quality gay adult videos and products featuring 18- to 25-year-old, college-age, primarily straight, American men.

Since launching in 2004, the company has continued to grow and expand through its membership websites, AmericanCollegeMen.com and AmericanCollegeSex.com, and online retail site, ShopCorbinFisher.com. In 2011, Corbin Fisher extended its reach in to the straight market with the launch of CorbinsCoeds.com, and launched the micropayment site, CFSelect.com.