Mickey’s Quickies | Andre Bolla Markets Unseen Scene, Tony Cummings Quits For Good, More Tidbits and Gossip

African American superstar Andre Bolla is trying to peddle his scene with T-Spoon. He wants to distribute it the right way, and he says it’s a sizzling scene.

“For whatever reason, brothers just are not successful in porn right now, and I’m looking for the right person to collaborate on this project and future porn projects and endeavors,” Bolla said.

Bolla said he has all the documentation for the scene, which is fortunate because T-Spoon is serving a life sentence at the Patton prison and hospital facility in California. According to Bolla, the sentence is punishment “for killing a buddy while fucked up on some dope.” Anyone interested in distributing Bolla’s scenes may email [email protected] or contact him via his website, AndreBolla.com.

Tony Cummings has retired after a long career he began as a twink, according to his best buddy Talvin DeMachio. DeMachio helped coach Tony through the business.

“[Cummings] wanted me to thank all of you for so much fun over the years he has had with you all,” DeMachio said. “He is no longer escorting. His web page has been taken down, and soon his cell phone will be turned off.”

DeMachio also said Cummings’ retirement was not preceded by any serious reason and his career was not displaced by any serious relationship. He just got tired.

Chris Ward is finally starting his Raging Stallion big crime drama, and I’m thrilled. What people don’t know, perhaps, is that this is going to be an homage to film noir, and that it’s going to be completely shot in San Francisco where a lot of great noir films arose. Also, what people may not know is that Ward is a big fan and expert on noir movies and studied them intensely, so the 60-page script by Dan Rhodes and the co-directing with Ben Leon no doubt will have a lot of Ward’s mainstream film expertise included. I hope to give you an on-the-set look at the project as soon as I can.

The brief porn clip on HBO’s vampire series “True Blood” is only a tease of more possible ones to come, according to a friend of mine who works for the production company. Out and proud Alan Ball incorporated a few special moments for Friends of Dorothy on his “Six Feet Under” series, and to have His First Fangbang displayed on “True Blood” may have started a trend.

Need some more titles, “True Blood” writers? Don’t forget old classics like Vampires of Budapest, The Bite and The Bite 2 (in which Chi Chi LaRue gave me a clothed cameo as a voracious tuxedoed vampire). The show also could use the very hot and sexy book Boys of the Bite by Cecilia Tan, just released this week by Ravenous Romance.

Thanks to FabScout Entertainment, Cybersocket and a few other online destinations, Internext Expo this past weekend in South Florida was not without a gay presence. No, there weren’t any big gay parties, but the “Friday Night After the Maleflixxx Cock and Tail Party Party” was a rip-roaring success according to the people I know who attended. More than 100 people showed up at the VIP party with guys from Swiss Navy Lube, Fleshjack.com, Badpuppy.com and RentBoy.com. Tim Valenti and Misty taped a new segment for the “Tim and Misty Show” (formerly the “Tim and Roma Show”). Others who showed up included Steven Scarborough, Carlos Morales, Edward James, Brett Drysdale, Morgan Sommer, Davyd Dixon and Peter Z. Pan.

A few other quickies:

  • LaRue said she and the stars from her sizzling new title Taken: To the Lowest Level “killed ’em” last weekend at the Sacramento club Faces. Adam Killian and Mitchell Rock accompanied the diva’s tunes.
  • Salon contemplated the equipment belonging to male escorts in a recent column. What got the Salon folks gabbing? Thomas Jane’s new project, Hung. According to the Salon writer, escorts don’t have bigger cocks than anyone else. All I have to say is that the ones I know (who cater to both straight and gay clientele) are always at least a non-porn eight inches. Anyway, the column is a good one and quotes some escorts.
  • Lost scenes from Dark Alley’s Raw City are being shown online. Saying the hot new title has two bonus scenes that were “lost” and then found on some “cutting-room floor” is an inventive way to promote the seven sleazy exclusive models. View the “lost scenes” at DarkAlley.tv for a small fee.
  • COLT Men are hosting a Mediterranean cruise that will visit Rome and Barcelona. How hot is that? The September cruise will include Adam Champ, Carlo Masi and maybe others.
  • Jason Sechrest is taking his show next door, moving from the WeHo club Industry to Eleven Restaurant. At first, I thought his “Why I left the Industry” party was going to feature old, disgruntled porn stars lamenting about why they left the adult industry, and I was glad to see that’s not the case. Sechrest said he will have at least 10 of his DV8 Casting clients at Eleven on a regular basis. The shindig promises a private VIP area so fans can meet and greet their favorite stars up close and personal at the posh eatery.
  • Jeff Palmer—the hot male fashion photographer, not the porn star—just finished his shoot of nude guys for 2010 calendars, and he’s particularly excited about a new, beautiful young stud named Alan. Palmer shot Alan in the nearly 110-degree heat of Palm Springs where he’s based, but Alan looks downright sexy. See the website JeffPalmer.com for more info.