Fleshjack Releases Visconti Triplets Signature Line

AUSTIN, Texas—Fleshjack, the gay division of adult novelty manufacturer Fleshlight, has released the first in what the company plans to be an expansive line of porn star signature toys. The first items in the line were molded from the body parts of Jason, Jimmy and Joey Visconti, the Czech men who are thought to be the first triplets to work together in gay adult entertainment.

The Visconti signature items include a butt Fleshjack containing a new texture named “Squeeze” and modeled from Joey, a mouth Fleshjack modeled from Jimmy containing a new texture named “Swallow,” and Jason’s dick replica made of medical-grade silicone. The mouth and butt models retail for $79.95 each. The penis retails for $59.95.

“We are thrilled to affiliate ourselves with the one-of-a-kind Visconti triplets,” Fleshlight Chief Executive Officer Steve Shubin said. “This gives us the ability to offer our customers a fantasy experience like they have never imagined.”

In March, the Viscontis signed on to become the first official “Fleshjack Boys,” although according to Fleshlight Affiliate Director Daniel Pacheco, the company plans to add many more.

“For 2010, we plan on allowing our customers to nominate and vote for our next Fleshjack Boys,” Pacheco told AVN. “The process is going to be interactive, I’m pretty excited. It seems our customers and fans of gay porn are very passionate about their favorite porn stars, so we’ll leave it up to the public to decide who is our next Fleshjack Boy.

“At Fleshjack, we try to satisfy our customers to the best of our abilities,” he added. “It’s our customers who provide feedback and offer information about our products. I believe that’s why we’re the No. 1 selling male sex toy: because we listen to our customers and we’re constantly improving our product line.”

As with any new product, the development phase for the new line was intricate and time-consuming, Pacheco noted—made more so by the Viscontis’ limited travel outside Europe.

“It certainly takes some time to get everything perfected,” Pacheco told AVN. “The Visconti dick mold is our first-ever produced, so we had to get everything correct. We wanted to ensure we’re using the highest-quality silicone available, we wanted the color to be precise and the penis, of course, had to replicate an actual penis, so we made sure all the details were correct.

“All of the molding took about a day. We flew the triplets from Budapest to Austin. While they were down here, they were very receptive to the manufacturing process.”

The Viscontis appear in two current DVD titles, Brotherhood Secrets and Shameless Boy Toys. They maintain an official membership site at ViscontiTriplets.com.

For more information about the Fleshjack Boys line of products, visit FleshjackBoys.com.