1981 Classic <i>Centurians of Rome</i> Remastered for DVD

The Hand in Hand 1981 gay XXX feature Centurians of Rome has been remastered for DVD and is now available from Bijou Video.

Directed by John Christopher, the movie (whose title is embarrasingly misspelled) stars straight XXX performer George Payne and is reputed to have cost more than $100,000. The $100K budget is also said to have come from the proceeds of a Brinks robbery. Since Brinks was insured by Lloyd's of London, the famous insurance firm became, technically, part owner of the movie.

Payne and cult-favorite Scorpio play Romans who are sold into slavery for not paying their taxes during Caligula's reign as Emperor. Eric Ryan is a standout as the guard who falls in love with slaveboy Scorpio. Michael Flent plays Caligula. Also in the cast are Ed Wiley, Adam Kellogg, and Roy Garrett.

Centurians is the latest release in Bijou's ambitious remastering project. The DVD is available from BijouWorld.com.