The model known as Jay Lynn on MyFreeCams says consistency and authenticity are key ingredients to building an audience on cam.

“Try to start camming at a time you know you can always cam at,” Jay Lynn explains. “Stick with that time and run with it. … Stick to things you like and don’t do things out of your comfort zone just for a dollar.

“Always stay true to who you are and do things that are fun to you. The happier you are on cam, the more people will like you.”

To say that approach has been working for MFC's inked “Master of Disguise” would be an understatement. The former Cal State Fullerton student from Apple Valley found her stride online, where her personality and dedication have kept her members engaged for more than four years.

Jay Lynn says her book smarts help her in business.

“Any type of school subject I am great at which seems to have gotten me pretty far in life,” she admits. “I am great at math, grammar and problem solving, which are good qualities to have when you are self-employed and kinda have to figure everything out on your own.”

Not to mention she also brings a never-quit attitude to the task at hand.

“No matter how hard things get or how down I get, I never give up,” Jay Lynn says. “I am always determined to do well and be successful in what I am doing. It may have been a slow determination at first but I always knew what I wanted and knew I would get there.”

In this exclusive interview for CAMStar, Jay Lynn discusses what she enjoys most about her camming lifestyle, what inspires her many looks and some of the hidden meanings behind her sensational body art, among other things.

Check out this exclusive video interview with Jay Lynn, who is the June CAMStar.