The leader of The Notorious BFC on MyFreeCams is a former welder who can kick your ass at Jenga.

“I’ve become so good at Jenga that I can now pull blocks out with my butt and toes,” Elise Laurenne says with a grin.

When the Canadian beauty isn’t doing Jenga gymnastics she’s probably getting into character on MFC, where she’s become known for her next-level cosplay and healthy sense of humor.

“Even though most of my countdown topics are sexual, I would consider myself to be a hangout cam model,” says Laurenne, who first logged onto MFC in 2015.

Her flair for costume design and friendly demeanor have become real crowd pleasers on the popular cam platform, where she has cultivated a passionate group of members that she now refers to as The Butt Freckle Cult.

“The OG members of the BFC know it started out as my Guild,” Laurenne explains. “…I originally named it the Guild because I was into World of Warcraft at the time. Later on my members started to point out I had a freckle right next to my butthole.

“I had no idea I had it until I started showing more skin, so it kind of became a thing in my chatroom. I decided to rename my community The Butt Freckle Cult because it was personal to us, kind of an inside joke. Also I think the idea of having my own cult worshiping my butt freckle is hilarious.”

Check out this exclusive video interview with Elise Laurenne who is the December CAMStar.