Ora Young remembers working at her 9-to-5 thinking there has to be something more out there.

“I searched online for a way to live my life without any strings attached, a way to be my own boss,” Young says.

When a friend joked that she ought to consider becoming a cam model, it piqued her curiosity.

“I looked up this ‘cam modeling’ online and MyFreeCams.com was the first thing that came up,” she says. “I watch a few girls for about a month and, well, the rest is history. I packed a bag, left my hometown with a little bit of money in my savings account and headed for California.”

It’s not hard to see why the self-styled “full-time alien princess” gained a dedicated audience on MFC, where she’s built a “Cult” following.

“I enjoy the freedom that it’s given me to be whatever I want, wherever I want, whenever I want,” says Young, who also has already shot for acclaimed glamour photographer Holly Randall.

Check out this exclusive video interview with Ora, who is the April CAMStar.