Emily Lynne says a simple “thank you” for a tip goes a long way with your room on MyFreeCams.

“And being excitable is something I learned early on,” Lynne says. “Even as a viewer I just love the rush of a model getting happy over a tip—even if it’s small.”

Lynne, a Las Vegas resident who will celebrate her five-year camiversary in June, calls her career “a dream come true.”

“I love the fact that I can be myself,” she says. “I get guys who spend time with me because they genuinely like my personality and that feels really good.”

When it comes to advice for new models trying to make their name in the cam world, Lynne recommends logging on around the same hours with consistency “at least until you have a few regulars that will log on any time you’re online.”

“Also don’t be afraid to log on even if no one’s online and even if other girls are complaining that it’s slow,” she says, adding that creating content is also key to building your brand. “Put every video you make out there. Even if you don’t like the way it turned out, you did the work and you deserve to get paid for it.”

Lynne would know; the bootylicious model has made almost 400 explicit videos that are all available on her MFCShare page.

An avid gamer who loves RPGs, Lynne says her favorite games are Fable 2, Kingdom Hearts, and The Witcher 3.

“The feeling of getting sucked into a game and needing to play it is amazing,” Lynne explains. “I love following a storyline and becoming invested in characters. Growing up both my parents played video games all the time. I'm pretty sure it's in my blood!”

She built her community—the Salt Squad—by spending a lot of time online and as she puts it, “getting really lucky.”

“I’ve had a lot of really cool guys join my chat room and my favorite part is that they became friends with each other just as much as they did with me,” Lynne says.

Check out this exclusive video interview with Emily Lynn who is the April CAMStar.