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The reigning, back-to-back AVN Female Performer of the Year, Angela White, reflects on her historic night at the 2019 AVN Awards, her momentous anal scene with Rocco Siffredi and how her body of work became more inclusive last year. The Australian star also discusses her high-profile collaborations and offers a glimpse into what’s next for her this year.

Emily Bloom blew kisses, sang along to Smash Mouth’s “All Star” and then did a “crazy dance” on one Tuesday afternoon in February on MyFreeCams.

Wearing a bear onesie and placing pink and red hearts with guy’s screen-names on the wall behind her—based on tips of 214 tokens—Bloom told her members about a recent visit to the dentist, her next feature film role and how the second annual Bloom Awards were scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 24.

Whether she’s pondering the challenges of improv acting, talking about stuffed peppers or shaking her ass to “What Does the Fox Say?”, the multi-talented model keeps the content fresh and original in her cam room.

“There is a good amount of sexy, lots of cute and even more of goofy,” Bloom admits. “I do special shows and events every once in a while. In between I like to hang out with my members talking about everything and anything while getting naked and having fun.”

The Ukrainian beauty became inspired to create the Bloom Awards because she wanted a way to give back to her regulars who supported her on her camming journey.

She planned the 2019 Bloom Awards for months—and even prepared a script.

“Without the audience, there are no performers…without the members, there is no cam girl,” Bloom said in her opening remarks before introducing fellow cam girls such as Katie Darling, Stark Suicide, Bailey Rayne and Ella Silver to present awards.

Some of the winners even made “acceptance speeches” on Bloom’s chat.

“I would like to thank the ‘Acad-mily,’” cracked Mr_Oochinko, who won the Bloom Award for Best Vibes. “So nervous… Hi mom.”

In this exclusive Q&A, the star of Puppet Master: Axis Termination discusses her modeling background, her acting career, her Master’s Degree in Film and the joy of cooking, among other things.

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The sensational Ivy Wolfe discusses her big triumph as the 2019 AVN Best New Starlet—the top annual award for a new female performer—in addition to her second 2019 honor for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene in an exclusive interview. Hear Ivy reflect on some of her most memorable moments from her award-winning year—and even what she did for a living before porn.

Emily Lynne says a simple “thank you” for a tip goes a long way with your room on MyFreeCams.

“And being excitable is something I learned early on,” Lynne says. “Even as a viewer I just love the rush of a model getting happy over a tip—even if it’s small.”

Lynne, a Las Vegas resident who will celebrate her five-year camiversary in June, calls her career “a dream come true.”

“I love the fact that I can be myself,” she says. “I get guys who spend time with me because they genuinely like my personality and that feels really good.”

When it comes to advice for new models trying to make their name in the cam world, Lynne recommends logging on around the same hours with consistency “at least until you have a few regulars that will log on any time you’re online.”

“Also don’t be afraid to log on even if no one’s online and even if other girls are complaining that it’s slow,” she says, adding that creating content is also key to building your brand. “Put every video you make out there. Even if you don’t like the way it turned out, you did the work and you deserve to get paid for it.”

Lynne would know; the bootylicious model has made almost 400 explicit videos that are all available on her MFCShare page.

An avid gamer who loves RPGs, Lynne says her favorite games are Fable 2, Kingdom Hearts, and The Witcher 3.

“The feeling of getting sucked into a game and needing to play it is amazing,” Lynne explains. “I love following a storyline and becoming invested in characters. Growing up both my parents played video games all the time. I'm pretty sure it's in my blood!”

She built her community—the Salt Squad—by spending a lot of time online and as she puts it, “getting really lucky.”

“I’ve had a lot of really cool guys join my chat room and my favorite part is that they became friends with each other just as much as they did with me,” Lynne says.

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Superstar performer Riley Reid sat down with us to talk about her expanding repertoire that now includes producing and directing for her own official site, ReidMyLips.com. The 2016 AVN Female Performer of the Year and February 2019 AVN Star also dished about some of her sexual highlights from 2018, what she enjoys most about being a porn star, her big Yeezy collaboration and much more.

Ariana Gray says there are times when visiting her room on MyFreeCams could feel like “jumping down the rabbit hole.”

“You may come in one night and I have another pretty girl on my lap getting spanked or tied up and teased with a hitachi,” Gray explains.

Other times, it may just be Gray performing a sexy dance.

“I’ve even produced a green-screen show dressed up as Darth Vader in a spaceship and a Dexter-type kill room set-up with the entire space covered in plastic for a girl/girl food fight show,” she adds.

Regardless what Gray feels like doing on any given night, it’s safe to say the statuesque mixed-race model who cams from Florida has found her audience. The personable kingpin of MFC’s Cartel says her members helped her grow her community.

“I simply created the space for them to have fun, be entertained, laugh and engage with one another,” Gray reasons. “One member in particular, Team Hurricane, inspired me early on with The Cartel and I just ran with it.”

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Ella Silver tells AVN her past two years as a cam model have taught her she is capable of “goddamn anything.”

“I’ve always been a very confident person but limited myself perhaps as to what I could achieve in life as a woman,” Silver says.

But the January 2019 CAMStar, who was born in Orlando, Fla., and raised in the U.K., says working alongside thousands of her peers on MyFreeCams and hustling like nobody’s business have only strengthened her already solid belief in herself.

“Because of that I am currently looking at getting my pilot’s license,” Silver says. “I’m also auditioning for extra roles in film and TV. I’d like to try a career in acting one day.”

The worldly stunner, who is nominated for Favorite Cam Girl at the 2019 AVN Awards, formerly ran her own horse riding school in Italy before she started logging onto MFC.

“I’ve been self employed and running my own businesses successfully now for a decade. I’m proud of that,” Silver says, noting that something most people may not know about horses is “they have been domesticated by man for over 5000 years!”

“They also can't vomit!” she jokes.

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Danger’s rise to porn’s elite started in 2014, when she became a sought-after newbie whose first 18 months in adult were as good as anyone’s in the past decade, resulting in the 2016 AVN Award for Best New Starlet.

But she hasn’t become complacent, enjoying perhaps her finest year so far in 2018, appearing in numerous sex scenes for several major studios and even landing a couple high-profile acting roles. That’s not to mention being crowned Vixen Angel in February by three-time AVN Director of the Year and Vixen founder, Greg Lansky.

The leader of The Notorious BFC on MyFreeCams is a former welder who can kick your ass at Jenga.

“I’ve become so good at Jenga that I can now pull blocks out with my butt and toes,” Elise Laurenne says with a grin.

When the Canadian beauty isn’t doing Jenga gymnastics she’s probably getting into character on MFC, where she’s become known for her next-level cosplay and healthy sense of humor.

“Even though most of my countdown topics are sexual, I would consider myself to be a hangout cam model,” says Laurenne, who first logged onto MFC in 2015.

Her flair for costume design and friendly demeanor have become real crowd pleasers on the popular cam platform, where she has cultivated a passionate group of members that she now refers to as The Butt Freckle Cult.

“The OG members of the BFC know it started out as my Guild,” Laurenne explains. “…I originally named it the Guild because I was into World of Warcraft at the time. Later on my members started to point out I had a freckle right next to my butthole.

“I had no idea I had it until I started showing more skin, so it kind of became a thing in my chatroom. I decided to rename my community The Butt Freckle Cult because it was personal to us, kind of an inside joke. Also I think the idea of having my own cult worshiping my butt freckle is hilarious.”

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One of the reasons Nikki Eliot loves to cam is that it gives her a lot of time to pursue her passion for art.

“I love to make art of people or animals,” Eliot says.

“… I’m always looking at new kinds of art and ways to express my ideas. I use pencils all the time and do a lot of digital art, but want to paint more with oils and watercolors. I plan to have a potter's wheel and sculpting studio someday when I decide where to settle down long enough.”

The adventurous native of Georgia shares her artistic and creative side on MyFreeCams, where she keeps the mood light, engaging in playful chats with her members while also performing sensual cam shows.

“My goal has always been to make my camming environment relaxed, fun and sexy,” Eliot says. “So most of all, I try to make sure my room is a place people want to stay once they find it.

“I know what members are looking for as they hover their mouse over chatroom previews looking for their next click. I bring my energy and charisma and most of all my Southern charm to the table and that has enabled me to build a community of fun and interesting people!”

In this exclusive Q&A for CAMStar accompanied by 12 pages of photography by Keith Munyan, Nikki discusses how she got into camming, what she’s learned about herself since she started, her decision to relocate to Las Vegas and her upcoming official website, among other things.

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Honey Gold did more than arrive on the adult industry scene last year—she made a statement en route to an opening year as diverse as any performer has enjoyed in the past decade. Now the 25-year-old native of San Francisco is becoming a legitimate force as her profile continues to rise. But none of her success has changed Honey’s humble attitude. Instead, the mixed-race beauty is even more appreciative.

The MyFreeCams model known as Hello Courtney remembers when her best friend mentioned camming to her for the first time.

“I had never even heard of webcamming before and when I looked into it, I was fascinated,” Hello Courtney says. “In college I worked all kinds of entertainment jobs—from cage dancing to bartending and bottle serving at strip clubs—so I knew immediately that camming was something I would enjoy and be good at. Three years later, I’m still here and loving it.”

Indeed, the former IT professional from the East Coast embraced the interactive live format from the get-go—and in the process made the month of October her personal playground on MFC.

She even came up with a term that captures the spirit of her camiversary month—Courtober.

“It’s special because my first-ever broadcast on MyFreeCams was in October of 2015!” Hello Courtney says.

As Halloween approaches, the personable brunette will spend just about every day online with some new cosplay surprises in store for her enthusiastic Crew.

"It’s by far the best time in my chatroom all year round and we have a blast," she says.

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Gina Valentina is on her way to becoming one of the top adult performers in the world, but the vivacious native of Miami and Brazil keeps her success in perspective. “When I was first started, a lot of companies hesitated to book me,” Valentina recalls. “Now I’m Gina Valentina. So it’s crazy how people see me so different now that I’ve made this name for myself.” In this exclusive interview, the 21-year-old star discusses some of her high-profile opportunities in the past year and how she’s in the adult industry for the long haul. “I don’t have any plans to go anywhere right now. Hopefully with my platform I can bring awareness. I want the industry to come up together.”

Sasha Swan can hang with the best of them—both on cam and in drinking contests. In fact, the native of Brighton, England, has been known to out-drink grown men.

“I can drink Gin & Tonic all day but if someone is challenging me to a drink-off I'd stick to wine as I can neck about two-and-a-half bottles of wine,” Swan says matter-of-factly.

“On my way back from LA to London a well-built American man challenged me to a drink-off and I won! Even at that altitude. Watch out you guys!”

Indeed, the free-wheeling “Deep-Throat Queen” of MyFreeCams is ready any time, anywhere for a good laugh. Just ask her members, who keep returning to Swan’s lively chat room whether she’s scarfing down pizza or stripping naked.

“Every regular in my chat room has a great sense of humor,” says the 21-year-old model who started camming at 19.

In this exclusive Q&A interview for CAMStar accompanied for 12 pages of photos by Keith Munyan, Swan reflects on working at a call center before camming, her favorite MFCShare club, her ‘Eagles’ tattoo and her love of music.

Check out this exclusive video interview with Sasha Swan, who is the September CAMStar.

The reigning AVN Best New Starlet Jill Kassidy wants fans to know she’s just getting started, revealing, “I want to be in this for as long as I can and make the most out of it." The demand for the former Starbucks barista from Dallas has only increased this year on the heels of her breakout season in 2017 that saw her perform a variety of sex scenes for all the major studios. In this exclusive interview, Jill talks about how her life has changed since winning the industry's top honor for a new girl in January and also how she's becoming a go-to girl/girl performer in 2018.

Brielle Day loves all things Disney but when it comes to choosing her favorite thing about the brand that’s no easy task.

I’ve never been one to play favorites, but I have a huge love for Belle in Beauty and the Beast and Moana,” Day says. “The lessons, imagery and soundtracks in those movies mean so much to me and truly move me.”

What also means more than words to the personable native of Chicago is her loyal community on MyFreeCams, where she has been entertaining members with her often silly, always sexy cam shows for more than four years.

“I love to be a goofy comedian as much as I love to be a smart ass,” Day admits. “Whether we are just hanging out and sharing embarrassing stories over a couple drinks, playing poker together, watching a movie or just enjoying each other’s company, there is always a good time to be had in my chatroom.”

Ambitious and focused, Day usually maps out her camming calendar before the start of every month.

I am extremely organized so I have a list of all kinds of ideas from shows to prizes to topics and countdowns,” says Day, who has two Bachelor’s degrees—one in Business Management and the other in Marketing. “… It really helps to keep me on track! Then every Monday I make a weekly to-do list with things I need to get done or prepare for. And when I am physically online, I always have a topic ready to be copy/pasted into my chatroom, games set up, water nearby and countdowns written down somewhere else so I can easily keep the fun night going!

“As far as what happens on cam, I leave that up to my Team! They like to wreak havoc every now and again and knock my planning off it’s feet! But what can I say… a little chaos makes things interesting!”

Check out this exclusive video interview with Brielle Day, who is the August CAMStar.

Rae Riley tells AVN fitness was always part of her life as she excelled in sports such as softball, cross country and water polo in high school.

But it wasn’t until a couple years ago that the former Nordstrom sales associate turned MyFreeCams model embraced weightlifting.

“I get a much better workout and better results from weightlifting than I did just doing cardio,” Rae says.

Now’s Rae’s exercise routine entails hitting the gym five days a week, mixing a steady leg regimen with upper body training, plyometrics and abdominal work.

“I look forward to going to the gym every single time,” she says.

Her dedication shows.

When the March 2018 Penthouse Cyber Cutie isn’t pumping iron, she’s probably either preparing for cam on going live with her loyal members—affectionately known as The Raeliens. She says the key to finding your audience on cam is to be yourself above all else.

“People will come into your room based off your looks but they stay for your personality,” Rae says.

Check out this exclusive video interview with Rae Riley, who is the July CAMStar.

One blonde, one brunette. One cam star, one porn star. Bailey Rayne and Romi Rain were announced as the 2019 AVN Awards Show co-hosts on July 12 at the annual AVN House Party. Catch the first glimpse of the two of them together in this AVN-produced video. The AVN Awards Show, presented by MyFreeCams.com, will take place July 26, 2019, at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

The model known as Jay Lynn on MyFreeCams says consistency and authenticity are key ingredients to building an audience on cam.

“Try to start camming at a time you know you can always cam at,” Jay Lynn explains. “Stick with that time and run with it. … Stick to things you like and don’t do things out of your comfort zone just for a dollar.

“Always stay true to who you are and do things that are fun to you. The happier you are on cam, the more people will like you.”

To say that approach has been working for MFC's inked “Master of Disguise” would be an understatement. The former Cal State Fullerton student from Apple Valley found her stride online, where her personality and dedication have kept her members engaged for more than four years.

Jay Lynn says her book smarts help her in business.

“Any type of school subject I am great at which seems to have gotten me pretty far in life,” she admits. “I am great at math, grammar and problem solving, which are good qualities to have when you are self-employed and kinda have to figure everything out on your own.”

Not to mention she also brings a never-quit attitude to the task at hand.

“No matter how hard things get or how down I get, I never give up,” Jay Lynn says. “I am always determined to do well and be successful in what I am doing. It may have been a slow determination at first but I always knew what I wanted and knew I would get there.”

In this exclusive interview for CAMStar, Jay Lynn discusses what she enjoys most about her camming lifestyle, what inspires her many looks and some of the hidden meanings behind her sensational body art, among other things.

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