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Distribute your adult content in a representative digital magazine

Faploid is a personalized adult magazine that automatically learns user preferences and gets smarter with time. For publishers, Faploid is a powerful channel that extends the reach of your publication and exposes your adult content to a broader audience that is interested, active and engaged.

Our members are looking for quality. That's why Faploid only works with the best brands in the adult industry. Together we reach a new audience. A strategic partnership between you and Faploid drives traffic to all of your products and premium content.

Are you a content creator or a publisher that think it would be great to be a Faploid partner then please send us an email [email protected]

For Publishers and Adult Content Creators Custom Branded Pages

Reach a targeted, broad and active audience

Faploid Partner content looks as your editors intended and as your audience expects. The partner program exposes your brand to a highly engaged and socially empowered community. Reach a new and active audience.

Start now and experience it yourself!

Reach an incredible audience with a variety of interests Stunning ad space with many possibilities on a range of devices

Each of our members are different. Faploid’s members are as diverse as the content we serve as well as their interests. Socially engaged, digitally equipped and searching for safe and quality adult content, Faploid has the audience you’ve been searching for.

If you want some more information about our advertising possibilities then please send us an email to [email protected]

Adult SEO Training


I make SEO easy by helping to determine the specific needs of your sites and by providing the specific training and assistance needed for you to increase your traffic. Trying to learn everything yourself can be overwhelming and hiring others for everything you need can be expensive, which is why I personally work with you to simplify your SEO so that you only have to focus on what is needed. I will help you make the right SEO decisions for your site through the members Q&A and discussion boards as well as directly through the Private Q&A system available to you as a member.

Explicit Click

ExplicitClick.com is a pay per click ad network that connects advertisers with website owners. Advertise your products or services on websites related to porn and adult content. Website or blog owners make more money by showing ads.

Make More Money $$$ from Your Website or Blog:

- Have an adult related website or blog? Make more cash from your ad space.
- Customize ads to match your websites
- Track your success with reports
- Show ads suited for your audience.

ExplicitClick.com ads are a great addition to any advertising you already have running!

Easy and free to join! Copy and paste ad code into your website, it's that easy to make more $$

For Advertisers:

- Advertise to porn friendly people on our advertising network
- Reach your target audience. People interested and looking for adult related products and services.
- Only pay when people click on your ads
- Start for as little as $10.00

Get started today!


Adult Link Market

Adult Link Market is the premier link building service for the adult industry.

We specialize in placing static HTML links on relevant publisher sites to increase the traffic and search rankings for advertisers.

We work with a wide variety of sites in the industry including e-commerce, content sites, adult dating, adult blogs, and forums. Adult Link Market is located in Santa Barbara, California and is run by a team with over 20 years of combined online advertising and marketing experience.