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SDC.com is the world's largest lifestyle dating platform and the world's largest adult sexual education platform. Watch videos, listen to podcasts and read articles about sex, health and relationships from leading experts around the globe like Dr. Jess, Dr. Ava Cadell, Sunny Megatron and Dr. Jay and Liseth. At SDC.com, you can meet other like-minded people and couples near you at exclusive SDC travel destinations and erotic parties. Join SDC.com's global community today to Seek Yourself, Discover Together and Create Moments.


ManyVids launched in 2014 with the ambition to create an oasis for sex workers to thrive independently. Over the years, the MV Team grew the ManyVids platform into an adult entertainment sites with more than 2.5 million members. The ManyVids platform supports a variety of market offerings where stars can sell their vids, store items and other features directly from their MV Profiles. They can also receive tips, create fund me campaigns, and join a social community. ManyVids is committed to inclusivity, fighting for women’s rights and gender equality, supports the LGBTQ community, and actively promotes sex positivity.

Facial Abuse

Facial Abuse features more than 16 years of exclusive boutique content and continuous weekly updates. Known for their astute casting, other recent Facial Abuse releases include full-tilt performances by adult stars such as Karma RxAmara RomaniViolet MonroeKacie Castle and Della Dane as well as a clutch of promising amateurs.

Videos are now offered in multiple formats at FacialAbuse.com: MP4, mobile, and 60p HD, with 4K video downloads available soon.

Webmasters and affiliates can promote Facial Abuse via the DukeDollars.com affiliate program.


AgeID.com, used and trusted by the largest adult websites in the industry, is available to regulate access to content on any site around the globe. With simple, fast, one-time verification, AgeID.com provides an optimal age verification solution with minimal data entry. AgeID.com utilizes multiple identity providers approved by the official regulator in each territory, making it a safe and secure choice. Cost is customized for each individual site based upon size and volume, making it an affordable option for every business.

Webmaster Central

Established in 1996, Webmaster Central started out as an online source for licensing adult content and has grown to the multifaceted company it is today, leasing high-quality adult video from every major adult market and niche for commercial adult entertainment and adult dating websites. All of the content is responsive and optimized for viewing on both desktop and mobile screens. The company’s culture is one that’s quick to embrace new technologies and put them to work for their clients, and that quality has been the key to their longevity. The company recently launched VR3000 Studios, which offers licensable and original streaming VR video content.

Faster Babylon Podcast

Director JacktheZipper hosts the adult-centric talk show, interviewing some of the more fascinating personalities in entertainment. 

The Faster Babylon Podcast is a key element of the all new JackTheZipper.com platform, an adults-only online destination that brings together streaming video, affiliate programming, premium toys, apparel, and fine art photography, all exclusive to the "Zipperverse."


Social18 is a new social network specifically for adults who want to connect and share sexually explicit content discreetly in a private, secure setting with like-minded friends that share the same X-rated interests. The membership site is free to join.

Social18's platform offers many of the same personal profile features found in popular social media apps, including photo, video and text sharing, user feed posting and commenting, private messaging, user followers and hashtag, name linking and 'Like' button functionality, with access to a wider, more open-minded range of contacts than a typical dating or adult site.
Social18 users have a variety of communication options by sharing sexy photos, videos and messaging: whether it's finding a date, following a favorite adult star, watching a live sex show or previewing free images and videos, Social18 allows users to do so with complete privacy.


<a href="http://www.porn4coin.com" target="_blank">Porn4Coin</a> is the first directory for all kinds of adult services that can be payed for with Bitcoins. Adult services providers can display and offer their services at Porn4Coin, so that customers willing to spend Bitcoins for adult services can find them quickly and conveniently.
Adult service providers can register their offering for free (basic), or can utilize several premium services to direct traffic to their offers.
For more information go to: <a href="http://www.porn4coin.com" target="_blank">www.porn4coin.com</a>


Created by joining talent and experience from the adult, web and online auction sectors, the core of PornAuction.net is our Global adult community: The creative entrepreneurs who use PornAuction.net to sell, the shoppers looking for items they can’t find anywhere else or choose to buy here with total discretion, the manufacturers who partner with PornAuction.net sellers to help them prosper and the PornAuction.net crew who are committed to maintaining and growing our marketplace!