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Perfect Fit Brand

Perfect Fit Brand

Website http://www.perfectfitbrand.com

Founded in 2011, Perfect Fit Brand designs and manufactures cutting-edge products, offering innovations for the sexual health of men, women, and couples. Former StreemMaster CEO Steve Callow, who now helms Perfect Fit Brand, is a well-known veteran in the adult novelty industry, with a proven track record in designing products. Callow brings his core values to Perfect Fit Brand; its greatest contribution to the good of corporate social responsibility comes from its core business activities—quality, selection, convenience, customer service, recycling, and other initiatives. Perfect Fit Brand also contributes to the communities where their employees and customers live, through fundraising and product donations, to nonprofit groups, including the South Florida AIDS Walk, Broward House, and Beach Bear Weekend.

An important aspect of Perfect Fit Brand’s philosophy is to ensure its customers are educated in the proper use of their unique products. With a comprehensive website offering information on products which may not be available at retail locations, the company offers video demonstrations, articles, and detailed product information. For more information, visit PerfectFitBrand.com.

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