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Website https://www.daretoo.com.au/

Based in Australia, MiaMaxx produces a thrusting sex toy for women and men. “Yes, there are thousands of dildos, vibrators and pleasure toys on the market,” said spokesperson Bruno Rossi, “but MiaMaxx is different. It’s a vibrating thrusting fucking machine, that extends three inches in and out with variable speed control.”

Rossi added, “Static dildos and vibrators have been around for years, “They were cool and made you feel good … but you did all the work. MiaMaxx is carefully designed to ease this manual penetration. It is the next generation of robotic devices that gives us simulated sexual motions.”

At the touch of a button, MiaMaxx penetrates its user, gliding slowly and sensually, or thrusting hard and fast. Settings for the levels of pleasure and satisfaction are at the user’s fingertips. The fixed head, which measures 4 inches, provides a stroke of 3 inches that works at three speeds: “slow, medium and orgasm.” MiaMaxx also has a powerful vibrating function at the tip of the head.

The company website is DareToo.com.au.

Contact: Bruno Rossi, 042-250-1769