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IWantClips.com (includes iWantCustomClips)

IWantClips.com (includes iWantCustomClips)

Website https://iwantclips.com

iWantClips is a site for amateur adult clips and content. IWC has hundreds of exclusive specialty clips, along with many features and functions. Members enjoy instant streaming, no restrictions on downloads, and access to content from any device. Members can also private message models to inquire about custom clips and set the stage for the production by choosing their clothing and on-screen performances.

IWC offers high commissions for clips and tips/tributes, and models earn 100 percent of the sales from their custom clips. Models have the option to be paid daily or weekly. IWC equips store operators with technology and tools to boost sales, and brand their image in the industry.

For more information, go to IWantClips.com and IWantCustomClips.com. Keep up with everything IWC on Twitter at @IWantClips and @IWantCustomClip and also on Instagram.

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