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MiKandi Adult App Store

MiKandi Adult App Store

Phone 2066599891
Address 12345 lake city way ne Ste 169, Seattle, WA 98125, USA
Website http://mikandi.com
Email [email protected]

Have you got the creative know-how to create awesome adult apps, but get "app-blocked" from stocking it in current markets, such as Android or iPhone? Feeling a bit... I don't know... stranded? You know your customers want more, but your product is constantly censored or worse, completely blocked from current app marketplaces. Maybe you're feeling like your innovative juices are being squeezed by not having the screenshots or video you need to properly showcase and sell your product. Keep reading and you'll find out the meaning of life... at least for an app developer! 

MiKandi is the leading Cross-Platform Mobile Application Marketplace without censorship or restrictions. What we do for the developer is simple. We provide a way to market, monetize and deliver adult apps to users that you wouldn't have access to in your traditional channels. Sweet, right? That's what MiKandi is all about. 

Here's a few other cavity-worthy features we offer (pun intended). From the moment you stock an app, we provide you an easy-to-use online account where you can upload multiple apps, add detailed descriptions, screenshots and videos showing off your app. You can have a discussion with your users or they can review your app on your profile page at MiKandi.com. 

Your app also shows up in the MiKandi App Store, our mobile client for discovery and download of adult apps. You can include multiple screenshots and video within the mobile catalog, giving potential users a rich preview experience of what your app is all about. No more trying to cram that into a 325 character description with ascii art. I already have a hard time squeezing in 140 characters when I tweet! 

Most importantly, we do not place heavy restrictions or try to censor your apps. Our job is to make sure you have all the tools you'll need for success. As long as it's legal, the sky's the limit.